The blonde One 2019

14 €

Grape variety: 100% Istrian Malvasia
Vineyard: Šeraja
Alcohol: 13.9% vol
Total acidity: 5.0 g/l
Residual sugar: 2.7 g/l
Packaging: 0.75 l
Serving temperature: 10-12 °C

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The wine is deep golden in color with a hint of amber. On the nose, it speaks of maturity and refined style, displaying exceptional finesse. Floral, honeyed, with notes of dried apricots and peaches that clearly define its aromatic profile.

A subtle touch of caramel, yeast, and buttery notes intertwine delicately in the olfactory experience. In the mouth, the wine is dry, full-bodied, and moderately fresh with an oily texture.

As is often the case with truly fine wines, Malvasia speaks louder and clearer on the palate than on the nose. Its persistence is truly long and memorable, so on the palate, we feel the delicious salinity and the whole spectrum of flavors that envelop the taste buds in an attempt to discover each individual ingredient.

Age of the vineyard: planted in 1973
Altitude of the vineyard: 246 meters above sea level
Vineyard orientation: southwest
Harvest: handpicked
Vinification: manual grape selection. Fermentation for 34 days and maceration in large wooden oval barrels for 9 months. Stainless steel for 9 months.
Aging: 2 years in the bottle